About Us

The Ellison family has been involved with horses since homesteading in the Boulder Valley in the 1880’s.  During this time people raised and trained their own horses to use in every aspect of ranch work.  Jim Ellison was raised on a cattle ranch and was happiest when his work was horse related.  The style of training and type of horse have evolved over the past 125 years to reflect better training techniques and a world wide choice of genetic possibilities.  Jim’s experiences working cattle, guiding wilderness pack trips, day riding, and horse training developed his idea of a good all-around horse.

Two things are essential for a good horse. Good sound body and mind, and good sound training.”
His daughter Jayme has followed in the rich tradition of a  Montana lifestyle, riding longer than she can remember.  Following in her father’s foot-steps Jayme has succesfully trained many horses herself.  She has taken on a large part of our training program and takes in outside horses for training.  Her abilities are evident in the responsive, quiet, willing attitude of our horses.

A good horse and a good rider are only so in mutual trust.”
Jim Ellison