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Our horses are 1/2 or more Friesian crossed with a variety of mares that Jim and Jayme have carefully selected for conformation and disposition.  These choices have created a ruggedly handsome and elegant horse that works well for the western lifestyle we live.  We are proud of our selections and great efforts that has successfully made a “western using horse.”  The colts and fillies that are a result of our breeding program are highly trainable, laced with beauty and grace.  They prove to take to the trail, roping, branding, cow work, driving, arena work, packing, and anything that has been asked of them.  Our Friesian crosses are known for enjoying people, having a great work ethic, and willingness to please.  We are confident that our quality Friesian cross horses are suited to any discipline that a person is interested in.

All of our broodmares have at least thirty days of riding to affirm that they fit our philosophy that you shouldn’t breed a mare you wouldn’t want in your “using string”. Most of our broodmares carry the genetics of Missy, the best horse Jim has ridden out of hundreds, with the possible exception of Jaxxon and his offspring. Our mares are a mix of Shire, Thorough-bred, Quarter horse, and Friesian.

Jaxxon, our stallion, is a 2003 FPZV registered Friesian. He is a fantastic blend of willingness, intelligence, ability, and beauty. He passes these qualities on to our Friesian crosses. We have used him for everything we do horseback. His intuition, responsiveness, and easy gaits make him a pleasure to ride whatever the demands we place on him.

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My family purchased a Friesian cross gelding from J Bar J horses last year after I watched Spencer Dominick work with him in a colt starting demonstration. I was impressed at how willing and trusting this colt was under saddle. I knew this was the type of horse I wanted for myself and for my children. He is safe, reliable and willing to do what I ask of him. He is an exceptional mountain horse with strength and common sense. All of these traits come from J Bar J’s selective breeding program and consistent and gentle handling. I would recommend J Bar J horses to anyone who wants a dependable riding partner.”

Signe Lahren

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