Jaxxon and JadeWelcome to J Bar J Horses located in the beautiful Boulder River valley near Big Timber Montana. We offer a large selection of  quality Friesian Cross horses for sale by our FPZV registered stallion Jaxxon. It is this fabulous stallion that adds such fine quality to our Friesian Cross horses.
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Ever since Jim and Kathy brought me Booker, the first horse I started for them, I have been very impressed. This family and their horses stand out as having a consistently honest approach to horsemanship in it’s truest form. Their horses have come to me with outstanding appearance and ability, with calm minds, and with an eagerness for training. These qualities come from being raised in a natural environment and from selective breeding for a well rounded horse. The Friesian cross horses are fun to ride and very versatile. I was completely impressed with Jaxxon, who is Jim’s stallion and the only pure bred Friesian that I have started. He was the easiest and most willing horse I have started in my entire career. He always gave a warm feeling of really loving people. His babies have a consistent similarity to him. They are all beautiful and sweet with strong, elegant movement.

Jim and his family all spend a great deal of time taking the horses I have started off to reach their potential and giving them real world experience. They trail ride, drag calves at brandings, go over jumps, pull carriages, pack in the hills, push horses and cattle, picket, etc. These people and their horses are as honest and kind as their days are long. I am very happy to call them all my friends.
Spencer Dominick
I recently purchased a Friesian cross filly from JBarJ Horses in McLeod, Montana.  I plan to use her for dressage and pleasure riding.  The filly is a total delight.  She possess naturally all the attributes necessary for the making of a great horse ~ a willingness to work, and strong forward motion, beautiful balance in her gaits, and a steady mind.  To top this all off, the filly is as sweet as sugar-candy.

I am very pleased with my purchase.

Reed Rinnert